Top ten richest women in China unveiled

Editor:Angel K. Yan
Updated: 2006-8-1 9:36:30

Chinanews, Hong Kong, July 31 ¨C With 5.5 billion yuan worth of total assets, Chairman of the Fu Wah International Group Chen Lihua becomes the richest person on the list of China¡¯s top 10 wealthiest women.

The ranking list, made by an economic magazine Science Investment, is made under a basic criterion that candidates on the list ¡°should become rich through personal efforts rather than inheritance¡±, Hong Kong¡¯s Ta Kung Pao reported.

Born in Beijing, Chen finished her high school education before starting her business career. She owns the Chang¡¯an Club at the Chang¡¯an Avenue in Beijing and a big red sandalwood museum in the north of the Badaling-Tongzhou expressway in Beijing. The collection in her red sandalwood museum is said to be as good as those kept in the Forbidden City.

The second richest woman on the list is Zhang Can. Born a Beijing native, Zhang owns a total asset valued at 1.1 billion yuan. She has a master¡¯s degree and her business ventures cover multiple aspects ranging from real estate and information industry to biotechnology.

Yang Lan, a woman in the media industry, comes third on the list with a total asset worth 850 million yuan. She was born in Beijing and obtained her master¡¯s degree at Columbia University in the United States. She is the chairwoman of Board of Directors and producer of Sun Television Cybernetworks.

Liu Yingxia, vice president of the Heilongjiang Industrial and Commercial Association, is placed eighth on the list. Born in Harbin, she has a master¡¯s degree and has made her fortune with the knowledge she learned. Dubbed as ¡°the youngest rich woman in China¡±, she already made a total asset worth 500 million yuan when she was just over 30. In Heilongjiang, she runs a company called Xiangying Group whose business covers construction, decoration, water conservation, and road building.

Two women are entered in the list by running pharmaceutical business. Hou Liping (No. 4) is the general manager of the Zheng Zhong Pharmaceutical Group in Shanxi and she now owns a total asset valued at 730 million yuan. She was born in Pingyao and has a junior college diploma. Another woman, Lei Jufang (No. 10), also works in the pharmaceutical field. With a total asset valued at of 210 million yuan, Lei operates the Qizheng Tibetan Medicine Group. Born in Lintao, Gansu province, Lei has a junior college background.

Other women that appear on the list are He Ran (No. 5, Chengdu native, chairwoman of board of directors of the Guoteng Telecommunication Company in Sichuan with her asset worth 600 billion yuan), Li Guilian (No. 6, general manager of the Dayang Group, a company that does clothing business in Dalian, her asset now worth 600 million yuan), Shen Aiqin (No. 7, general manager of the Wan Shili Group, a silk production company in Hangzhou with a total asset worth 600 million yuan) and Yi Aiping (No. 9, chairwoman of board of directors of the Jianghai Group, a company that mainly does hotel management and construction in Henan province with a total asset valued at 430 million yuan).